Almanac History - February 1862

February 3rd, 1862

McClellan continues to disagree with President Lincoln both in public and in private. Lincoln favors an overland move of troops to Richmond; his general wants a coastal landing first, then an inland move.

February 4th, 1862

Confederate delegates assemble in Richmond to discuss whether or not free blacks should be enlisted in the Confederate Army.

February 5th, 1862

Confederate troops under General Lloyd Tilighman prepare for an attack on Fort Henry.

February 6th, 1862

Federals attack the Confederate position at Fort Henry. Tilighman surrenders 78 soldiers and 16 hospital patients. In all the Southern losses number 5 killed, 11 wounded and 5 missing.

February 7th, 1862

Grant's forces prepare to move against the Confederate hold at Fort Donelson in Tennessee. Generals Johnston, Beauregard and Hardee are worried about Union aggression in this area.

February 8th, 1862

The Union seizes two Confederate naval vessels theSallie Woodand theMuscleat Chickasaw, Mississippi.

February 9th, 1862

Lincoln's son Willie is suffering from typhoid. This only adds to the President's worries.

February 10th, 1862

On the Tennessee River Union Federal gunboats fire on the Confederates. They capture three boats and the Rebels burn six others to prevent their seizure.

February 11th, 1862

Grant begins his move on Fort Donelson. The Confederates are forced to evacuate Bowling Green rendering the previously fortified Kentucky line defenseless.

February 12th, 1862

40,000 of Grant's troops have Fort Donelson and the town of Dover, Tennessee surrounded. Southern troops inside the Fort number @ 18,000.

February 13th, 1862

The awaited attack on Fort Donelson commences.

February 14th, 1862

The battle at Fort Donelson is expanded with the arrival of four Union ironclads and several wooden vessels. This will not prove to be the easy victory, however, General Grant had anticipated.

February 15th, 1862

Fighting continues at Fort Donelson. The Confederates successfully break through the Union line to provide an escape route for their troops in the direction of Nashville. Surrender, however, seems inevitable.

February 16th, 1862

General Grant allows no room for negotiation in the surrender of Fort Donelson. "No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. I propose to move immediately upon your works." An important victory for the Union, Fort Donelson earns Grant a promotion to Major General.

February 17th, 1862

The Confederates see more disruption in Tennessee as many civilians attempt to leave the area. News of the Fort Donelson victory reaches Washington.

February 19th, 1862

(Happy birthday to me!!!)

February 20th, 1862

Lincoln's 12 year old son Willie loses his battle with typhoid. Confederates continue to pull back, this time evacuating Columbus, Kentucky.

February 21st, 1862

For the first time in Union history, a convicted slave trader is punished by hanging as Nathaniel Gordon is executed in New York.

February 22nd, 1862

In his inaugural address, President Davis says, "We are in arms to renew such sacrifices as our fathers made to the holy cause of constitutional liberty."

February 24th, 1862

In the Eastern Theater, General Banks' Union soldiers occupy Harper's Ferry.

February 27th, 1862

Jefferson Davis issues an order calling for martial law in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.

February 28th, 1862

Jefferson Davis requests a day of Southern fasting.