Almanac History - October 1862

October 1st, 1862

In Richmond, the Confederate newspaper Whig denounces Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: "It is a dash of the pen to destroy four thousand millions of our property, and is as much a bid for...insurrection, with the assurance of aid from the...United States."

October 2nd, 1862

Columbia, Mississippi is the scene of a major battle between Union and Southern troops. The Federals are forced into a defensive position.

October 4th, 1862

The second day of fighting at Corinth, Mississippi sees Federals under General Rosecrans hit hard by Van Dorn's Confederate troops. At the battle's close 355 Union soldiers are dead; 1841 wounded and 324 missing. The Confederates lose 473 men here, with 1997 injured and 1763 missing.

October 5th, 1862

Outside Corinth, Mississippi, Federals under General Rosecrans' command follow retreating Confederates. Although Van Dorn's men are able to slip away from this Northern Force, they are later apprehended by Federal General E.O. C. Ord's men near the Hatchie River in Tennessee.

October 6th, 1862

General Braxton Bragg and his Confederates pull back toward Harrodsburg, Kentucky, pursued by General Buell's Northern troops. The latter occupy Bardstown, KY.

October 8th, 1862

Today sees the battle of Perryville, Kentucky involving General Braxton Bragg's Confederates and General Don Carlos Buell's Federals. Bragg is compelled to retreat southeastward as a result of this encounter, the most significant battle fought in Kentucky.

October 9th, 1862

At Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Confederate General JEB Stuart begins several days of raiding which he carries as far as Cashtown, PA. Stuart has crossed Federal lines in order to accomplish this and has ridden his 1800 troops in a circle around General McClellan's inactive Army of the Potomac.

October 10th, 1862

President Davis is asked to draft 4500 blacks to further help the Confederate army construct fortifications around Richmond.

October 11th, 1862

Jeff Davis approves a bill passed in the Confederate Congress which amends the military draft to stipulate that anyone owning 20 or more slaves is exempted from service in the Confederate army. This heightens a sense of class conflict in the Confederacy, some viewing the military situation as a "rich man's war and a poor man's fight."

October 12th, 1862

Ozark, Missouri is the jumping-off point for a Northern expeditionary force headed for Yellville, Arkansas This mission will last for seven days.

October 15th, 1862

Part of the army of the Potomac under McClellan is involved in an expedition from Sharpsburg, Maryland to Smithfield, West Virginia. They also take part in a reconnaissance from Harper's Ferry to Charlestown, West Virginia.

October 18th, 1862

With 1,500 men Confederate John Hunt Morgan routs Federal forces outside Lexington, Kentucky. They enter the city and seize 125 prisoners.

October 20th, 1862

Lincoln entreats both civilian and military personnel in Tennessee to move to elect state government officials, a legislature and members of Congress.

October 22nd, 1862

Confederate General Braxton Bragg successfully withdraws Southern troops from Kentucky where Federals under General Buell continue to make their presence felt following the battle of Perryville on 8 - 9 October.

October 24th, 1862

Federal General Don Carlos Buell is relieved of command in Kentucky and Tennessee because he failed to prevent Bragg's Confederates from escaping from Kentucky. Rosecrans assumes command of these troops.

October 25th, 1862

Lincoln grows increasingly annoyed with General McClellan's apparent inability to launch any major assault against Confederates in Virginia.

October 26th, 1862

General McClellan moves the Federal Army of the Potomac across the river into Virginia; Lincoln writes that he "rejoiced" in this overdue action.

October 27th, 1862

In Louisiana, the battle of Labadieville occurs on Bayou Lafourche. Confederates are routed, losing 6 men, with 15 wounded and 208 taken prisoner. Federals report 18 dead and 74 wounded.

October 28th, 1862

General McClellan moves his Potomac Army toward Warrenton, Virginia causing Confederate General Robert E Lee to push his troops slightly to the south. Union forces occupy Halltown, VA.; there is light skirmishing at Snicker's Gap.

October 31st, 1862

The gathering of Northern troops at Grand Junction, Tennessee foreshadows the upcoming Federal action against Vicksburg, Mississippi These troops are moving in from Corinth, Mississippi and Bolivar, Tennessee.